Maintenance tips for RC cars and trucks

Maintenance tips for RC cars and trucks

Just as with other types of vehicles, RC cars and trucks require proper maintenance for them to function optimally. With an RC car is tended consistently with a lot of care, its lifespan will be enhanced, and the vehicle will serve its user to its full capacity.

It is important to follow general and specific maintenance rules for RC cars and trucks. These rules have been developed around the different components of RC cars and trucks to ensure their smooth running. Here are some maintenance tips for RC cars and trucks.

Keep away from water

As friendly as water could be to several surfaces, it is not very friendly with the surfaces of RC cars and trucks. RC cars and trucks are sometimes painted with water-soluble paints. Also, some components of RC cars and trucks could corrode on continuous exposure to water. Thus, it is important to keep RC vehicles away from water as much as possible. Although cleaning the tires and other resistant parts of the vehicle with a damp cloth is allowed, it is important to watch the exposure of other parts of the vehicle to water. Never attempt to drench an RC car or truck.

Ball and gear differentials maintenance

The ball and gear differentials of a radio-controlled car or truck are one of the components that require proper maintenance. The maintenance of the ball and gear differentials could be different forms such as disassembling and checking if their structures are in the best form, degreasing the surface of the differentials and applying lubrication grease to ensure proper movement of the differentials.

Driveshaft maintenance

The driveshaft of an RC car and truck determines the power at which the wheel will function. Thus, the maintenance of the driveshaft is necessary for the increased efficiency of the car or truck. Ways of properly maintaining the driveshaft include degreasing to remove clogs, greasing to ensure efficiency and improved performance.

Cleaning and lubricating the driveshaft is another important maintenance tip, especially for driveshafts.

Pin maintenance

When the pin of an RC car or truck is distorted in any way, its efficiency and functionality are reduced. Bent pins do not function properly and would only be noticed when components of the RC cars and trucks are disassembled.

When bent pins are found, it is important to replace them with new pins as bent pins cannot be repaired. A bent pin can be noted when one removes the pin and rolls it on a flat, smooth surface. Uneven movements give away bent pins.

Simple cleaning of RC cars and trucks after use is also important for enhancing their efficiency. It is also important to check oil and re-oil nitro and gas powered RC cars after use. Overall, it is important to take proper care of one’s RC car or truck for maximum efficiency and productivity.